19 May 2010 political violence

26 Mar 2014
  Thai Criminal Court on Tuesday ruled that Narin Srichomphoo, an anti-establishment red-shirt supporter, was killed by a high velocity bullet shot by the military. 
16 Aug 2010
28 red shirts, including a 15-year-old boy, have been arrested and prosecuted for burning down Mukdahan provincial hall on 19 May.  24 have been denied bail and are being held on remand at the provincial prison. The People’s Centre for Information on the April – May 2010 Crackdowns (PCI) has reported the arrest and prosecution of 28 people, including one woman and a 15-year-old boy, for burning down the provincial hall during the unrest on 19 May.
4 Jul 2010
Wasan Sang-rasmi, or Keng, a rescue volunteer who witnessed the killings at Pathumwanaram Temple on 19 May, has been issued a summons by the CRES, but he has decided not to meet the authorities.
8 Jun 2010
Clip of paramedic Keng talking about the incident at Pathumwanaram Temple where 6 people were shot dead on 19 May, with English subtitle.  Read about the little guy and the female paramedic mentioned in the clip here and here. 


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