2007 Computer Crimes Act

5 Sep 2007
Reporters Without Borders voiced concern today about the reported detention of a Thai blogger for the past 12 days under the new Computer Crime Act, which took effect on 18 July.
4 Sep 2007
A reliable source has told Prachatai that at least one person being detained in Bangkok Remand Prison for crimes against the new Computer Crime Act which came into effect on July 18, 2007. The detainee is a 36 year-old computer programmer who posted comments on web-boards using a well-known alias.
26 Jul 2007
On 10 June 2007 the military-appointed interim prime minister of Thailand signed into effect a new law on computer-related offences. The Computer Crime Act BE 2550 (2007), which was published in the government gazette just over a week later, is ostensibly intended to prevent violations of computer privacy and block the spread of pornography through the Internet.
24 Jul 2007
Reporters Without Borders voiced concern today about the Computer Crime Act that took effect on 18 July. It allows the police to seize the computer files and online files of persons suspected of disseminating insulting or pornographic content.
24 Jul 2007
On 18 July 2007, the Computer Crime Act B.E.2550 (2007) came into force. It took 9 years from the initial draft to the successful passage by the National Legislative Assembly (NLA), appointed by the Council for National Security(CNS). An unofficial translation of the Computer Crime Act follows.
20 Jul 2007
Open letter from Campaign for Popular Media Reform (CPMR) and Freedom Against Censorship Thailand (FACT) to Thai citizens
18 Jul 2007
18 July 2007 The cabinet meeting on 17 July 2007 approved the Ministerial Regulation to Confiscate and Seize Computer Systems.
13 Jul 2007
On 18 July 2007, a law to prevent cyber crime is expected to come into force in Thailand. It will be the first law in the country to govern the Internet. This capsule report outlines developments relating to the Internet since the 19 September 2006 coup that ousted premier Thaksin Shinawatra.


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