2011 floods

24 Feb 2021
During the 2011 floods, people with disabilities face great difficulties due to aid and evacuation procedures which were not comprehensive and improper care, while Bangkok is still at risk of flooding due to rising sea levels. ThisAble.Me and Prachatai talked to people with disabilities, rescuers, and researchers about their concerns and hopes, projecting the problems in the 2011 flood into the future, and whether there any methods or mechanisms.
25 Nov 2011
Many areas of Thailand continue to experience extensive flooding. These floods have impacted on hundreds of thousands of migrants working in Thailand. Many migrants impacted by these floods don’t currently posses identification papers as their papers were destroyed, lost in water or confiscated by employers. As a result, these workers remain in or are not able to travel outside of flooded areas and/or their registered provinces. Other migrants have had their employment immediately terminated once the flood waters arrived and many more had no choice but to return to Myanmar.
21 Nov 2011
The recent deployment of the big-bag dyke by the government has come to represent a very visible aspect of a top-down, centralised approach that ignores the issues of justice and fairness. The big bag floodwall has become a symbol of what is wrong and unjust about Thailand's national development over the past decades.
16 Nov 2011
Thai activists' letter to UN Secretary General concerning migrant workers during flood crisis.
14 Nov 2011
They are in the same society and face the same disaster as everyone else but what is different for them is that they cannot move around or communicate freely.  During this time of crisis, having food, shelter and clothing may come second to news from the ones they want to hear from. 
14 Nov 2011
Despite the decreasing flood-water in some areas, volunteers are still needed to help with relief and recovery efforts in many provinces, including Bangkok, red-shirt volunteer leader Sombat Boon-ngam-anong said.
11 Nov 2011
As parts of Ayutthaya have begun to dry, it's others' turn to be extremely nervous. The Nation's Pravit Rojanaphruk spent two days at the flood-besieged Bangchan and Lat Krabang industrial estates east of Bangkok to see how the mood is over there
8 Nov 2011
The problem in trying to independently verify whether "over-priced" relief bags were ordered by the Flood Relief Operations Centre (Froc) is difficult to assess, as all of the Bt800 bags have supposedly been given away already.
6 Nov 2011
Volunteer leader Poramate Minsiri apologised profusely for being late for the interview, but was insistent that he had absolutely no regrets for abandoning the flood-relief operations in Don Mueang Airport two weeks ago.
2 Nov 2011
After weeks of suffering perhaps the worst flood in a century and being inundated with selfish reactions, how many of us can still hold that Thailand is a uniquely caring and united society?
1 Nov 2011
Angry residents at Klong Sam Wa force PM to let through fetid water flooding their area for 3 months Scenes at Bangkok's Klong Sam Wa sluice gate have been far from the feel-good images of Bangkokians pitching in and helping each other battle what some have dubbed the worst flood in a century.
31 Oct 2011
Group says more than a thousand stranded without food, water or shelter; getting calls for urgent aid At least 1,500 migrant workers, mostly from Burma, are still trapped in the flood-hit provinces of Ayutthaya, Pathum Thani and Nonthaburi and lack adequate food, water and live in fear, said Ko Naing, legal coordinator for the Thai Action Committee for Democracy in Burma (TACDB).


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