2014 Khon Kaen Model

3 Dec 2015
A suspect in a thwarted terrorist plot around the Bike for Dad event has denied police claims that he was involved in planning the plot from prison.
27 Nov 2015
The Thai police allege that suspects in a failed terrorist plot around the Bike for Dad event involve certain unnamed overseas anti-monarchy figures.     
16 Dec 2014
Seven months ago twenty-six people were arrested in Khon Kaen and now face charges of terrorism and treason—offences that could exact the death penalty. The case, known as the "Khon Kaen Model," is the most high-profile case to be tried in a military court since the junta took power in May. 
28 Oct 2014
The military court allowed four defendants of the ‘Khon Kaen Model’ alleged rebellion case, who had been arrested and detained since late May, to be released on bail due to the defendants’ poor health conditions.  
22 Oct 2014
The Military Court rejected bail requests of red-shirt defendants accused of planned rebellion against the coup makers despite the lacks of evidence, while their lawyers objected having the case tried in the martial court. The nickname ‘Khon Kaen Model’ was given to the cases of 26 defendants, mostly elderly, accused of being hard-core red shirts who planned to rebel against the junta.
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