Academy of Patani Raya for Peace and Development (LEMPAR)

15 Jul 2015
18 civil society organisations in the Deep South region of Thailand have urged Thai state authorities to stop the intimidation and suspension of rights of civil society workers. At the Muslim Attorney Centre (MAC) in the southern province of Pattani on Tuesday morning, 14 July 2015, 18 civil society organisations, members of the ‘Southern Border Provinces CSO Network for Peace’, came together to read a joint statement to demand that the Thai authorities stop the abuse of rights and intimidation.
5 Dec 2014
Activists from Thailand’s restive Deep South voiced concerns that the security measures in which a whole village was surrounded and villagers detained could lead to further violence after reported confrontations between security officers and alleged southern insurgents. A confrontation between the security forces and about eight members of an alleged insurgent group reportedly started around Thursday noon in Saba Yoi District of Songkhla. The 20-minute skirmish left two police officers injured.
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