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4 Sep 2009
The UN, bless ’em, has come to the conclusion that drafting international human rights agreements for countries to sign is all well and good. But the countries most likely to sign are the ones whose citizens are least likely to need their protection.
28 Aug 2009
I remember seeing Scottish compassion at a Hearts game against Rangers.
21 Aug 2009
Bangkok Pundit has spotted that Thai politicians have learned that they can safely denigrate their opponents by use of the hypothetical ‘if’. He quotes Deputy Prime Minister in Charge of Difficult Situations Suthep Thaugsuban:
14 Aug 2009
In an unprecedented public statement, the Office of His Majesty’s Principal Private Secretary yesterday called for a temporary moratorium on petitions to the Office. ‘We ask this as a mark of respect on the occasion of His Majesty’s birthday,’ said an exhausted Office spokesperson, who asked to remain anonymous.
7 Aug 2009
If you saw a newspaper article written by a farmer telling the bankers of this nation how they could improve the way they do business, what would your reaction be?
1 Aug 2009
The story goes like this. Two English judges went out for a bicycle ride and a few drinks at the village pub. They had a few more than they intended and the journey home was giggly and wobbly. Until PC Plod interrupted their jollies with the observation that they were riding without lights. Both were summoned to appear in court.
24 Jul 2009
So the Good Leaders of ASEAN, the same people who thought it better for them to approve the ASEAN Charter before the people of ASEAN could even see it, have agreed on an ASEAN Human Rights Body. And like all new bodies that arrive in this world, this baby comes with no teeth.
17 Jul 2009
I don’t know how I keep getting the wrong end of stick, but I thought cramming schools were so-called on account of what they tried to do to their students’ heads. You know, at no little expense, cram them full of all the things they should have been crammed with for free at their regular schools.
10 Jul 2009
So hats off to iLaw for giving Thais the chance to say what laws they want, and what they want scrapped. And are we surprised that in the first flush of enthusiasm, much of the discussion concerns the lèse majesté and cybercrime laws?
3 Jul 2009
The arrest last month of the board of the Foreign Correspondents Club of Thailand on a charge of lèse majesté continues to have repercussions.
26 Jun 2009
 Chaovarat Chanweerakul, Minister of Interior and proxy leader of the Bhum Jai Thai party while the real leader idles his way through 5 years of political exile, gave 2000 baht to an old woman in Sakon Nakhon earlier this month. And landed himself in hot water.
19 Jun 2009
The Mass Media Photographers Association of Thailand has given its award for Best Photo of the Year to a photograph taken by Thai Rath’s crime reporter Prasith Niwesthong during the Songkran violence.


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