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20 Mar 2009
The endlessly repeated question put by the media to the captains of industry, business leaders and government economic ministers is ‘When will the current global economic crisis end?’
13 Mar 2009
Another year passes. 5 years on and Somchai Neelapaichit remains disappeared. Another round of commemorations and calls for resolution, for justice, for an end to impunity. This law should be changed; this treaty should be ratified; these gross errors and defects in the investigation process should be put right.
6 Mar 2009
A decision by the Administrative Court that found that the Ministry of Industry acted ‘unlawfully’ has sent shivers down the backs of a number of other Ministries.
27 Feb 2009
An inadvertent slip by a middle-ranking member of the new Obama administration may throw the US economy into a tailspin.
20 Feb 2009
The reasonably well-informed and observant visitor to Thailand will need about 10 minutes to stumble across one of its paradoxes.
13 Feb 2009
You have to give it to the lads of Internal Security Operations Command.  When it comes to sniffing out reds under the bed, they have few equals.
6 Feb 2009
My first rude awakening of this year came very early. I had no sooner nodded off after the last rude awakening of 2008 (the fireworks, the ship’s horns blaring from the port, and all the other noisy New Year palaver), when a smell of burning wafted over the house.
30 Jan 2009
Hats off to Deputy Prime Minister and Chief Government Paranoid Suthep Thaugsuban for boldly revealing what we have suspected for so long.
23 Jan 2009
Many years ago, the BBC invented, for the benefit of their radio news readers, a thing called a ‘cough button’.  Pressing on this button would temporarily disconnect the microphone, freeing them to make coughs, sneezes and assorted guttural hacking noises, without destroying the myth that BBC staff not only had mellifluous tones and impeccable accents, but also perfectly functioning vocal tracts.
16 Jan 2009
Spokespersons for the Israeli government repeatedly claim that, in a sincere attempt to avoid civilian casualties, Palestinians living the Gaza strip are sent telephone warnings to leave their homes.
9 Jan 2009
As the number of deaths resulting from the Palestinian offensive on the Israeli enclave approaches one thousand, with half a dozen Palestinian civilians killed by home-made rockets fired by Kadima militants, the international community is intensifying its efforts to bring about a cease-fire.
2 Jan 2009
Here are the answers for last week’s quiz questions that may have ruined your holiday peace of mind.


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