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11 Jul 2008
It is so useful when you can bank on your country’s ignorance of its own history.
4 Jul 2008
The quinquevirate that rule the PAD have issued a call for a ‘new politics’ that will strengthen the political power of the people by removing their right to elect 70% of political office holders.
27 Jun 2008
One would have thought that after ‘Siam Mapped’ by Acharn Thongchai Winichakul, we’d all grown up a bit.  But no such luck.
20 Jun 2008
There is a common perception in Thailand that democracy is a delicate flower.  It wilts easily, and not just because the military keep yanking it up by the roots. 
13 Jun 2008
Rizwaan Sabir is a graduate student at Nottingham University doing research on terrorist tactics.  Now is that wise? 
6 Jun 2008
“That which we call a rose, by any other name would smell as much”--(William Shakesomething)It all depends on what you call something.
30 May 2008
I really had no idea how difficult it was to be rich in Thailand.  M L Nattakorn Devakula, in his last column for the Bangkok Post before a ‘semi-political’ break, relates his experiences in pretending to be an elected politician (or perhaps that should be ‘rehearsing’?) and trying to file a declaration of assets
23 May 2008
Yesterday morning’s Bangkok Post had an interesting caption to a photograph.  The picture is of a protestor outside the offices of the Land Transportation Department and his sign concerns the rise in fuel prices, which the government only sort of controls, and the implication for bus fares, which the government does control quite strictly.
16 May 2008
The British government is a great believer in targets. This is, they think, the way to get improvements in services. You set targets for people and you put the fear in them. If they don't meet your targets, then they're in trouble. Incentives, that's the game.
9 May 2008
The re-enlistment of Duang Yoobamrung to the Royal Thai Army is only the latest in an interesting line of government appointments.
2 May 2008
The Shadow Boxing column by Korn Chatikavanij in the Bangkok Post of 8 April contains the statement that ‘the best way of ensuring there will be no shortage [of rice] is to trust in the market mechanism’.
25 Apr 2008
My first moral dilemma with upright patriotism occurred after watching John Schlesinger's Far From the Madding Crowd at the old Ceilidh on Lothian Road. You see, for most films, you knew who was playing who, or you didn't care, so who needed to watch a film through to the bitter end? As soon as the credits started rolling, you were on your feet, grabbing your coat, your unfinished popcorn and the arm of whoever you had come with, in a determined dash in the dark to make the exit before the credits ended and the National Anthem was played.


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