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18 Apr 2008
Two days ago the British government played a cruel hoax on its people.  And it’s over two weeks too late to be an April Fool prank.
11 Apr 2008
Applications are urgently invited for 12 positions in Olympic Flame Security operations during the visit of the Flame to Bangkok.  This is a short-term appointment (one day).
4 Apr 2008
There was a nature documentary clip on the BBC last Tuesday.  The Beeb are good at these - sumptuous music, breathtaking shots that must have cost the camera crew hours and hours of patient shivering, seasoned narrator (in this case ex-Monty Python Terry Jones).  And a mind-boggling story - the discovery of a flock of penguins that have learned to fly and who migrate to South America to swap the Antarctic winter for the warmth of the Amazon rainforest. 
28 Mar 2008
Human rights activists are expressing fears about the new government’s plans to revive the War on Drugs that the Thaksin administration waged in 2003.
21 Mar 2008
There are growing fears in government and business circles of a debilitating trade war between Thailand and the United States over intellectual property protection. The possibility that Thailand will be placed on the ‘Priority Country List', with dire consequences for its exports to the US, has prompted a search for a scapegoat.
14 Mar 2008
Have you noticed that Thai politicians will often try to wriggle out of a difficult situation by using a rhetorical question? You are aware that a rhetorical question is a question that only looks like a question, aren't you? And if it's not a real question, how could anyone give an answer to it?
7 Mar 2008
I think I got it wrong. When Samak claimed that there was only one casualty on October 6 1976 (and he was left-wing, or ‘communist' in Samak's view, so serve him right), and that the Tak Bai corpses occurred when people standing in the backs of trucks fell over dead as a result of Ramadan fasting, we had a choice. 
29 Feb 2008
I think I got this all wrong. I thought we just had a bunch of incompetents running the place. Understandable, in a way. I mean, when over a hundred of your first choices are banned from public office for five years, you're bound to see some really ropey substitutes take to the field.
22 Feb 2008
Before we explore the shortcomings of Prime Minister Samak Sundaravej's memory, we have to concede that not many of us have a particularly strong handle on reality.   
15 Feb 2008
It seems to have been a somewhat difficult meeting.  The new Minister of Finance, Dr Surapong Suebwonglee, and his two deputies, Pradit Pattaraprasit and Second Lieutenant Ranongrak Suwanchawee, recently held their first meeting with the Permanent Secretary and other high-ranking officials of the Ministry. 
8 Feb 2008
Revelations that at least one of the CIA videotapes which are alleged to show the waterboarding of suspected terrorist prisoners were shot in Thailand have led to an official letter of complaint to the US Embassy in Bangkok from the Alien Registration Division of the Department of Labour. 
1 Feb 2008
Following closely in the wake of protests by Thai Airways female cabin crew against the soap opera ‘War of Angels’, the Association of Politicians, Influential Persons and Sundry Other Flaks (PIPSOF) has launched a similar campaign against the portrayal of politicians in the Thai media.


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