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25 Jan 2008
Three decades ago, some Australian outfit produced a documentary about schoolboys in Thailand. It was one of those ‘follow them around with a camera' efforts, and, without bothering with an explanatory soundtrack, it focussed on 3 Bangkok kids, each from a different social class.
18 Jan 2008
The old Soviet Union, as a country consciously founded on an economic principle, spent much time and effort on drilling the basics of communism as part of its formal education system. 
11 Jan 2008
Prachatai recently received a police summons. No, don't start worrying. There was nothing in it. But one detail that I want to bring to your attention is that the stamp on the envelope containing the summons was bought at the personal expense of the police officer who had been assigned to the case.
4 Jan 2008
Of the dead, say nothing but what is good. That hasn’t quite been the order of the day in the mainstream reporting of the assassination of former Pakistani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto.
28 Dec 2007
 Time for tales from a past that many today would like to forget. Best to get this out of the way before Samak Sundaravej assumes the powers of the Internal Security Act. You never know what we'll be able to say a week or so from now.
21 Dec 2007
The version of history that was narrated by my schoolbooks (as is still the case with Thai history schoolbooks) is a story of kings (and the odd queen), generals and other lofty personages of a kind I was never likely to know personally.
14 Dec 2007
This is confusing.  We have an interim legislative body, not elected but appointed by a military junta. That's not very democratic. This group of generals got the authority to appoint this legislature not through any constitutional means, but by force of arms. That's not democratic at all, but hey, they're generals, what would they know?
7 Dec 2007
I apologize to those of a non-scientific disposition but this is important. I'll try to make it as simple as possible.
30 Nov 2007
I hate to say this, but I do think we are losing the plot with these elections. There seems to be a widespread misunderstanding that they have something to do with democracy, compounded by a second misunderstanding that somehow democracy is good for everyone.
23 Nov 2007
In what counts as an act of high bravery for a UN bureaucrat, UNESCO Asia-Pacific Regional Bureau for Education Director Sheldon Schaeffer recently argued for the preservation of languages.
16 Nov 2007
Elections are here. Time to dust off the discreet envelopes, grease the old networks and practise the political skills. One of which is how to deal with the press. Let us eavesdrop on the refresher course for would-be MPs at the campaign headquarters of an unnamed political party, where the trainer is, perhaps unadvisedly, attempting a participatory approach.
9 Nov 2007
Strange things are happening in the world of Thai secrets. We've long been used to the secret budget of the security forces, which is spent on secret things used in secret operations.


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