Anand Panyarachun

25 May 2011
On 18 May, Anand Panyarachun, former Prime Minister and Chair of the National Reform Committee, held a press conference at the Foreign Correspondents Club of Thailand to discuss the work of his committee which resigned on 15 May.
20 Apr 2011
Tony Cartalucci has written prolifically on the political turmoil in Thailand. His writing focuses on the International dimension; the foreign interference in Thailand. While there is no doubt that no nation is an island and foreign groups with their own agendas interfere in all nations for their own personal ends, Tony has been very selective in which foreign groups he writes on, what their intentions are and who they work with in Thailand.
27 Mar 2011
Most red shirts still oppose congress headed by Prawase and Anand despite claim of 'transcending political divide' The three-day National Reform Congress concluded yesterday with its chairman Prawase Wasi boasting that the meeting, which drew some 2,000 participants, "transcended" political division and "united" people from all walks.
13 Aug 2010
At a dinner function last week, a senior public relations executive for former prime minister Anand Panyarachun's National Reform Committee, had a brief chat with this writer. In the chat, three interesting details came up. The female executive voiced concerns about the media's repeated "mistake" of calling the committee "government-appointed". She also wondered why Matichon newspaper, known to be sympathetic to the red shirts, did not portray the committee in a positive light like other papers did.
25 Jun 2010
At last, we have seen the full package of the Abhisit regime’s reconciliation kit, including the fact-finding committee on the May killings, the committee on constitutional amendments, and the committees on national reform by the Anand and Prawase duo. So, is this reconciliation with the 90 deaths?  Impossible.  It’s just an attempt to convince naïve people into believing that there’s reconciliation to isolate the red shirts and others who want true democracy.
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