17 Nov 2015
The Thai Health Promotion Foundation has fallen foul of the anti-corruption vigilantes, who claim that the Foundation has been supporting all sorts of activities that are beyond its mandate, wilfully and wantonly squandering the taxpayers’ hard-earned money. Well, no.
23 Apr 2015
A year or more ago, when the Asok-Sukhumwit junction was occupied by a PDRC reform-before-election mob, the site sported a banner supplied by the nearby campus of Srinakharinwirot University.  They had obviously been told to put their superior education to use by explaining in English something of what the protests were about. Their sign said ‘Stop Corruptions!’ One was tempted to scrawl underneath ‘And Start Learning Englishes!’
8 Dec 2014
BANGKOK, Thailand, 8 December 2014 – Findings from a recent university survey revealed that a majority of students can identify corruption and integrity, but feel they have no other choice than to participate in corruption when confronted with opportunities to gain an advantage.
5 Nov 2014
Khun Jod Lukplasaenmon.  You are an advisor to the Prime Minister. Yes.  Yes, I am. And so you give advice to the Prime Minister. Well, we try.  There’s a team of us, you see.  But the PM is a very intelligent man, you know. Is he? Oh yes, a tremendous intellect.  So sometimes he doesn’t need our advice.  Most of the time, in fact. I see.  So this campaign against corruption, was it something that you advised?  Or perhaps …
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