10 Sep 2020
Monday 7 September was supposed to be a peaceful holiday, but a Thai translation of Gene Sharp’s book The Anti-Coup suddenly spread all over social media as a tank was spotted on a street by Thai netizens. 
8 Dec 2015
The arrest of a group of 37 activists in Thailand ahead of a planned anti-corruption protest is the latest evidence that the country’s military government is using arbitrary powers of detention to silence peaceful activism, Amnesty International said today. The group of 36 students and a lawyer were detained on Monday morning while travelling by train to Rajabhakti Park in Hua Hin, central Thailand, to attend a demonstration against alleged military corruption.
9 Jun 2014
Note: One of the words at the center of this article in Thai is “มนุษย์ป้า,” which literally translated would be “the aunty human,” or “the aunty creature,” but which is here translated simply as “aunty.” The collective plural of “aunty” is “gang of aunties,” or in Thai, “แก๊งค์ป้า.” A longstanding force in public as well as private life, women who fall into the category of aunties have emerged as a critical category of political figures.
2 Jun 2014
In Turkey, it goes like “If you can't stop the bad events, at least stop the bad news.” Again, this has already proven to be true in Thailand when the current military junta can stop the bad news so early and no need to stop the bad events anymore.
1 Jun 2014
It has become increasingly clear over the past week since the imposition of Martial Law nationwide followed by the coup that one of Thailand’s most draconian and abused laws, the lèse majesté law or Article 112 of the Penal Code, is being used to persecute anyone who voices opposition to the coup.


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