anti-lèse majesté

21 Jun 2020
Pizza is unquestionably one of the best things ever happened to mankind. A form of it has been around since ancient times, and it is considered a crime for a person to say “I hate pizza.” But in Thailand, it is okay to say that. It means you do not want to be in jail for 15 years or longer because ‘pizza’ in Thai is also a political slang term for the lèse majesté law. 
26 Apr 2014
Maj Gen Dr Rienthong Naenna, creator and leader of yet another anti-lèse majesté movement of outraged citizens, has run into some initial flak in his patriotic endeavours.  And I don’t mean being on the wrong end of a strongly worded editorial from the Bangkok Post.  That just proves you’ve fallen off the lunatic fringe of the anti-government, anti-democracy, anti-anything-remotely-connected-with-Thaksin movement, which was blindingly obvious anyway.
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