9 Nov 2021
An opinion that shows how SOTUS and hazing culture in education institutions and society pave a foundation for dictatorship and authoritarianism in Thailand.
25 Sep 2017
This year’s university initiation season has been inaugurated with the message that “touching someone else’s genitals can create love and unity.” Meanwhile, an anti-Islam monk has been disrobed for inciting violence against Muslims. Too much love at a Thai university   The beginning of the university year in Thailand is marked by reports of physical, mental and sexual abuse against freshman students during initiation activities.
19 Sep 2017
Silpakorn University (SU) has initiated an investigation into allegations of sexual harassment during freshman orientation activities, where students were allegedly forced to strip and shower together.   The allegations emerged on 16 September 2017 when Anti-SOTUS, a network that campaigns against human rights violations in universities, posted on its Facebook page reports it had received from SU Fine Arts students.
12 Jul 2017
A university staff has asked a student to cease prosecution against seniors who posted her picture on Facebook and condemned her for inappropriate dressing though she was in a department store.   On 10 July 2017, the ANTI-SOTUS, a network against human rights violations in universities, published screen captures of a Facebook user posting candid photos of a student wearing uniform of Maejo University with jean and sandals. The photo's’ caption is “What’s your major? How could you dress like this? Don’t your seniors educate you?
6 Jun 2016
A youth group opposing hazing rituals commonly practised in Thai universities is urging students to confront hazers with reasons, pointing out that the rituals breed authoritarianism in Thai society. A youth group called ‘ANTI-SOTUS’ on Saturday, 4 June 2016, organised a public discussion at Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, about the SOTUS system in Thailand.
28 Aug 2015
More than 100 academics and activists throughout the country have issued a joint statement in support of an embattled lecturer in Isan, Thailand’s Northeast, who has received threats and online bullying after expressing her disapproval over hazing rituals.
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