April-May 2010

17 Dec 2015
The Supreme Court sentenced to life imprisonment a northeastern red shirt leader convicted of arson, committed in response to the violent crackdown on red shirts in Bangkok. The red-shirt tells Prachatai he would prefer just to be executed. 
1 May 2014
The Thai Appeal Court on Thursday upheld the verdict of the Court of First Instance, sentencing Yotwarit Chuklom aka Jeng Dokjik, a comedian turned red-shirt activist and politician to two years in jail for lèse majesté, without suspended jail term.    The court found Yotwarit guilty of lèse majesté for a speech and a gesture, at a red-shirt United Front for Democracy against Dictatorship (UDD) rally on 28 March 2010.    The 2010 red-shirt demonstration was to pressure the then Prime Minister
26 Mar 2014
  Thai Criminal Court on Tuesday ruled that Narin Srichomphoo, an anti-establishment red-shirt supporter, was killed by a high velocity bullet shot by the military. 
5 Sep 2013
HUMAN RIGHTS COUNCIL Twenty-fourth session, Agenda Item 3, General Debate A written statement submitted by the Asian Legal Resource Centre (ALRC), a non-governmental organisation with general consultative status
18 Aug 2013
The long-delayed report of the National Human Rights Commission into the violence in April and May 2010 has finally been released. Ho-hum. While some commentators believe that the release was timed to distract public opinion from other matters like the Amnesty Bill, this seems a feeble argument. First, because of leaked drafts, its content was very much as expected.
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