April-May 2010 massacre

6 Dec 2010
The provincial court in Mukdahan has denied bail requests from 19 red shirts remaining in detention, including some who are ill and a student, on the grounds that their alleged offences carry severe penalties and they might flee.
4 Dec 2010
Elisabetta Polenghi, sister of Italian journalist Fabio who was killed during the April-May unrest, has sent a letter to the Thai Embassy in Italy in response to the latter's invitation for her to attend a celebration of the King's birthday this year.
23 Nov 2010
On 22 Nov, Jun Maruyama, First Secretary for Political Affairs of the Japanese Embassy in Thailand, met with Deputy Commander of Metropolitan Police Pol Maj Gen Sumeth Ruangsawat to hear about progress in the police investigation into the case of Hiro Muramoto, a photographer for Reuters who was killed during the military crackdown on the red shirts at Khok Wua intersection in Bangkok on 10 April.
19 Nov 2010
Wasu Suriyakansai, 59, was beaten unconscious by soldiers during the military crackdown on the red shirts on the afternoon of 10 April at Ratchadamnoen Rd.  He regained consciousness three days later in hospital.  The People’s Information Centre (PIC) visited him and his wife at their home in Klong Luang district, Pathum Thani.
10 Nov 2010
The mother of a paramedic killed at Pathum Wanaram Temple on 19 May has urged the Department of Special Investigation to reveal the results of autopsies carried out on those who were killed and protested against the indefinite postponement in announcing the results by the DSI Director-General.
6 Nov 2010
Akekasit Man-ngam, 19, was arrested under the Emergency Decree on the night of 14 May, when he was helping a red shirt direct traffic near Din Daeng intersection.  He is now serving a one-year jail term.
22 Oct 2010
There are times when observers will be tempted to ask if Thai society is corrupt in its thinking and morally bankrupt beyond redemption. Consider the following examples: New Army chief General Prayuth Chan-ocha on Monday promoted dozens of Army officers who had taken part in the April-May crackdown on red shirts, which resulted in 91 deaths, even though the government appointed fact-finding panel looking into these deaths is nowhere close to providing details on the exact circumstances on each.
30 Sep 2010
A Sub-Committee of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission has met with senior security officers to gather information on the April-May crackdowns on the red shirts.  More meetings will be held next month.  The CRES spokesperson insists that the security forces adhered to the law and international practice during the crackdowns, and says that the 91 deaths are being exploited and distorted.
28 Sep 2010
"People's Information Center: The April-May 2010" (PIC) held a public hearing to gather information from those who were injured and from family members of those who were killed during the incidents.  The Thammasat Auditorium was packed with an audience mostly wearing red shirts, who came to share their experience. On 25 Sept, a public forum and concert to raise funds for victims and relatives were held at Thammasat’s Sriburapha Hall.
23 Sep 2010
Kamonkade Akkahad’s brother has submitted to police a video clip allegedly capturing the moment when shots were fired into Pathum Wanaram Temple to find those who appear in it and the cameraman believed to be a policeman or a state official.
23 Sep 2010
In Thailand, reality and its acknowledgement have a way of being supplanted by fiction and denial. Take for instance the gathering of some 10,000 red shirts last Sunday at Rajprasong intersection to mark the fourth anniversary of the 2006 coup and the fourth month since the military cracked down on the movement. The one thing conspicuously missing from media coverage was the angry messages emblazoned on the corrugated iron wall outside CentralWorld, which is being rebuilt after the red shirts allegedly burned it down in the aftermath of the crackdown.
13 Sep 2010
In a bid to keep their spirits alive and to remind the public of the deadly crackdown, a group of red shirts led by Sombat Boon-ngam-anong rode bicycles on a route around Ratchaprasong, while a group of activist students wearing makeup to look like dead people walked and rode the BTS skytrain in the shopping area. 


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