April-May 2010 massacre

8 Sep 2010
With the mainstream media mostly giving the National Reform Committee a blank cheque in terms of soft PR and uncritical reporting of its activities, it has been alternative media outlets like prachatai.com that have voiced criticism. Two members of the reform committee - noted historian Nidhi Eoseewong and scholar-monk Venerable Phra Paisarn Visalo - recently came under fire on the news website.
8 Sep 2010
Prachatai talked to Thaksin’s lawyer Robert Amsterdam in about mid-August.  The transcription below has been edited and some parts are missing, as the interview was done over the phone.
3 Sep 2010
Conor David Purcell, an Australian national who was arrested and convicted for his involvement in the red-shirt rallies in April and May and was ordered to be released on 20 Aug, is still being detained at the Police Immigration Division at Soi Suan Phlu because he has no money for the air fare home. Purcell went on stage and gave speeches during the red-shirt rallies in Ratchaprasong, and was arrested on 27 May.    
27 Aug 2010
Pathum Wanaram Temple has cancelled the booking by a group of red shirts to hold a religious ceremony to mark 100 days since the crackdown in May.  The abbot claims to have been pressured and criticized for siding with the red shirts.
21 Aug 2010
Chulalongkorn political science lecturer dismisses what happened as petty nonsense, and believes that the students have someone behind them, while university administrators have refused to be interviewed.
19 Aug 2010
An attempt of a group of Chula students to protest against Abhisit Vejjajiva inside the university was thwarted by a lecturer and university security guards. The students called on the PM to call an early election, and take legal action against those responsible for the April-May massacre.
21 Jun 2010
The daughter of a red shirt killed at Ratchaprarop on 15 May has finally found the body of her father.  She has met independent photographer Nick Nostitz to hear about her father’s fatal moment.  Nostitz took pictures of the man injured with gunshot wounds on that day while they were seeking shelter and has been trying to locate him ever since.
17 May 2010
Samaphan Srithep or Cher, 17, was fatally shot at Soi Rang Nam on 15 May.  His elder sister wrote about him on her Facebook. I often thought of him as a “badly brought up” kid. He was annoying, impertinent, had a gift of bad timing. He was also provocative, and a bit unhinged.  I had even thought that if he carried on this way, he would probably “die before he has lived.” 


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