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24 Oct 2011
Once again, London-based freedom of expression activists, ARTICLE 19, are taking the lead in pushing the international agenda for the repeal and reform of Thailand's draconian lese majeste law. In addition, in the interview below, they have also called for the immediate release of ALL of Thailand's lese majeste prisoners.  But the most surprising development - which ARTICLE 19 have highlighted in their most recent press release - is the Thai Foreign Ministry's quite extraordinary comments on lèse majesté.
12 Oct 2011
Last week in Geneva, Switzerland, Thailand’s freedom of expression record came under particular scrutiny during the Universal Periodic Review at the United Nations Human Rights Council.
4 Oct 2011
Geneva, 03.10.2011: Thailand’s human rights record will be reviewed for the first time on 05 October 2011, at the twelfth session of the Universal Periodic Review (UPR) Working Group. ARTICLE 19 urges Thailand to repeal the lèse-majesté law - which is increasingly being used to silence critical voices - and for the Computer Crimes Act to be amended to respect the right to freedom of expression.
9 Sep 2011
Government officials and police yesterday [Sept 7] disrupted a human rights training session provided by the Cambodian Center for Human Rights (CCHR) and the Natural Resource Protection Group (NRPG), and threatened to arrest the organisers. The training was organised for communities affected by the clearing of Prey Lang forest. This is the second time within a month that human rights training events organised by CCHR and NRGP have been disrupted by the authorities.
31 Aug 2011
The trial of a well-respected online media editor and human rights activist, Chiranuch Premchaiporn, will resume on 1st Sept 2011 in Bangkok’s Criminal Court. Chiranuch is accused of allowing comments deemed offensive to the monarchy to be posted on the online forum she moderates. Tomorrow’s trial is a testimony to the dire state of freedom of expression in Thailand. ARTICLE 19 calls for all charges against Chiranuch to be dropped. 
7 May 2011
Jakarta 05.05.11: The 2011 Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) Civil Society Conference and ASEAN People’s Forum (ACSC/APF), which took place in Jakarta from 3 – 5 May, brought together 1,330 civil society activists from around the world to discuss the main human rights concerns affecting the region. During the meeting, ARTICLE 19 joined regional civil society representatives in urging ASEAN to enhance its own transparency and provide greater access to information.
17 Mar 2011
London 16.03.11: Red shirt-affiliated website administrator Thanthawut Taweewarodomkul has been sentenced by a Thai court to 13 years in prison for posting content offending the royal family. ARTICLE 19 is deeply concerned about the mounting clampdown on freedom of expression in Thailand, especially on the internet.
16 Mar 2011
London 14.03.11: ARTICLE 19 has submitted a report to the United Nations Human Rights Council highlighting the Thai government’s restriction of the right to freedom of expression including emergency powers, the Computer Crime Act, defamation and lèse-majesté laws. The report also raises concerns over the lack of implementation of the Official Information Act, and the control of the media by the military and government.


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