Asaree Thaitrakulpanich

2015-07-18 15:03
The Thai remake of Gossip Girl with almost zero localization and adaptation to the Thai context creates a whole new class of people that seem too ridiculous to exist in Bangkok and could even be viewed as an unintentional parody. However, if the show capitalizes on accurately portraying an upper vs. middle class conflict an interesting drama could unfold. 
2015-07-13 14:31
A physical theatre piece by Teerawat Mulvilai sheds light on the unwritten rules and forces anchoring Thai society.
2015-07-07 15:08
Film critics say a Czech film, set in 20th century Czechoslovakia, recently screened in a central Bangkok mall, reflects the role of autocratic regimes in everyday life and education and also sheds light on how constantly-changing autocratic regimes bear down upon normal people in their everyday lives, even on “non political” people.   The discussion after the special screening of I Served the King of England (2006) at the Central World on Saturday drew parallels between the film’s 20th century Czechoslovakia setting and present-day Thailand while raisin
2015-07-04 10:02
Crowds gathered in central Bangkok to show support for the 14 detained anti-junta activists amid a heavy presence of police and military officers in and out of uniform.
2015-06-30 19:13
A red-shirt suspect in the March Criminal Court bombing has condemned the police’s dismissal of his torture allegations as “unfair and unlawful.”    Sansern Sriounruen, a red-shirt accused of involvement in the 7 March Criminal Court bombing, was captured and held in military detention under martial law in early March.
2015-06-26 20:38
Thailand and Myanmar’s regulations systematically deny the rights to movement, health, and culture of the nomadic sea gypsy ethnic Moken people, according to a Human Rights Watch report released this week.    The Moken people are one of the last hunter-gatherer groups in Southeast Asia. Approximately 3,000 Moken live in the Mergui Archipelago off the coast of Myanmar, while 800 live in Thailand, mainly in Ranong and surrounding islands.
2015-06-26 14:43
The police have forced Human Rights Watch to cancel a press conference launching a report about an ethnic minority persecuted by the Vietnamese government, claiming the content is sensitive to bilateral ties and a threat to national security.    The event was to take place at 10.30 am on 26 June at the Foreign Correspondent’s Club of Thailand.   Around ten uniformed police officers and eight plainclothes officers arrived at the FCCT, taking unsolicited pictures of attendees before releasing an official statement on the forced cancella
2015-06-24 14:18
Sombat Boonngam-anong, aka Nuling or the Polka Dot Editor, is a playful pro-democracy activist. Adding to the four charges he's now facing, the junta recently banned him from selling a bagged rice, saying it is a political activity. 


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