Asian Network for Free Elections

6 Jan 2014
A talk with the Asian Network for Free Elections' Executive Director: "Thailand electoral justice system the toughest in Asia"
5 May 2012
BANGKOK, 04 May 2012 – While the significance of the rallies on 28th April will undoubtedly continue to be debated for some time, it is important that the debate not obstruct or delay badly needed electoral reforms in the country. Accusations about the protest began before the smell of tear gas had cleared the air. While the facts about Saturday’s demonstration matter, they will not change the central truth that is the pressing need for electoral system reform.
3 Apr 2012
The by-elections in Myanmar marks a historic phase in the country’s transition towards democracy and ANFREL-Foundation takes this opportunity to congratulate the people of Myanmar. The by-elections were extremely significant to sustain the reforms process in Myanmar and strengthen the process of democratization in the future.
24 Mar 2012
BANGKOK, 22 March 2012 – The Bangkok-based Asian Network for Free Elections (ANFREL) noted that while it is a step in the right direction, Myanmar’s decision to allow international observers comes too late, and with too many restrictions.
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