14 Feb 2016
The first-ever Thai adaptation of a 1923 Czech anti-war novel will be coming to a stage near you at Chulalongkorn University this coming week, as part of the Czech Arts and Culture Week.    Itinerary for "A (not so) Good Evening with the (not so) Good Soldier Švejk (See larger 
22 Dec 2015
An interactive, mind-boggling murder mystery performance seeks to find the political in everyday life. 
16 Nov 2015
A collaboration between Korean and Thai theatre companies reflects on the horror of forcefully suppressing a society’s memories. 
16 Aug 2015
A theatre piece by Thailand’s only dance movement psychotherapist is a soothing trust exercise for the audience.
28 Jul 2015
A stage performance commemorating the 101st anniversary of the beginning of the First World War highlights how violence can quickly spiral into war. 
13 Jul 2015
A physical theatre piece by Teerawat Mulvilai sheds light on the unwritten rules and forces anchoring Thai society.
25 Feb 2015
On the morning of Monday, February 23, the live broadcast of the 87th Academy Awards from Los Angeles will be broadcast in Thailand. Almost simultaneously, at 1:00 pm, an entirely different type of show will be staged at the Criminal Court in Bangkok.
7 Feb 2015
This may be the first play attended at every show by Thai military officers. Not that the Thai military is impressed with the play, but because its content touches on the climate of fear, imposed superficial Thainess, and lèse majesté prisoners. The presence of the military officers, who were assigned to record the performance and audience every night, merely reinforces the message in the restaged Bang-La-Merd: the Land I Do Not Own. It sounds surreal but true that Ornanong Thaisriwong, the director and solo actress in the play, stages a performance about the climate of fear while being watched and taped by real military officers.
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