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2015-07-14 10:41
A military court on Tuesday sentenced eight defendants to 10 years in jail for lèse majesté, while two other defendants were sentenced to six years. However, since they pleaded guilty, the jail terms were halved. The 10 defendants are accused of being members of the anti-monarchy Banpodj Network, which allegedly produced podcast programmes criticizing HM the King.    A total of 14 people were arrested for their alleged involvement in the Bandpodj Network. They were separated into two groups of 12 and two, each group facing different charges.
2015-03-30 12:13
“Banpodj” is behind a political podcast programme which is very influential among red shirts. To arrest him, the Thai authorities arrested 16 others who were accused of being part of a “Banpodj Network,” an international criminal organization intent on discrediting the Thai monarchy. This report introduces you to Banpodj in a way different from the police story.  
2015-03-23 13:10
The police arrested a lèse majesté suspect from northern Thailand and accused him of posting lèse majesté content on Facebook. He was accused of being part of the Banpodj Network, an alleged criminal organisation, which produces online and other electronic content to discredit the junta and the monarchy.
2015-02-09 22:14
According to Matichon Online, Pol Lt Prawut Thavornsiri, spokesperson of the Royal Thai Police, told media that the police arrested Hassadin U. at Monday 8 pm at a hotel on Rama 9 road. 
2015-02-09 15:05
A Thai court has issued an arrest warrant for a man accused of being Banpodj, the head of an alleged criminal organization, the “Banpodj Network”, defaming the monarchy on the internet.
2015-02-06 09:23
In contemporary history, Thailand has experienced more military coups than any other country. But the one that took place in September 2006 when the Thai military staged a coup d'état against the elected government of Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra, has divided people into two main groups; the yellow and red. Now in 2015, the country is under military rule again.
2015-02-04 08:25
Thai police last week arrested six people who were allegedly part of a criminal organization defaming the monarchy on the internet. The group is allegedly led by a self-exiled red-shirt named “Banpodj,” with support of a financier. 
2015-02-02 16:25
Thai police arrested six people as part of a “criminal organization” for distributing online materials allegedly defaming the monarchy.   Pol Lt Gen Prawut Thavornsiri, spokesperson of the Royal Thai Police, held a press briefing on Monday on the arrests of six lèse majesté suspects: Damrong S., Siwaporn P., Ngernkoon U., Paisit J., Anchan P., and Tara W.


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