Boonyuen Prasertying

8 Jul 2010
Lèse majesté convict Bunyuen Prasertying was recently granted a royal pardon on the occasion of Coronation Day (5 May), and released from jail around the same time as some other convicts, including Suwicha Thakor. Bunyuen did not look much changed from when she was in prison.  Though seemingly not in very good health, and walking unsteadily as a result of an old motorcycle accident, her eyes still shone with enthusiasm.
14 Jan 2010
Thailand should reverse its recent backward slide in respect for freedom of expression, as illustrated by the sharp increase over the past ten months in cases under the lese majeste law.
15 Nov 2009
The Appeal Court has reduced Boonyuen Prasertying’s sentence to 2 years, after she appealed the original 6-year term.  She is to be released in August 2010.
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