Capt Thammanat Prompao

30 May 2021
Political activist Tanapat Kapheng has taken a photo of himself with flour on his nose in a parody of Capt Thammanat Prompao’s drug conviction in Australia. Thammanat, the Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Cooperatives, was receiving a letter from Bang Kloi representatives to demand a halt to the prosecution of 28 indigenous Karen people of Bang Kloi.    
16 Dec 2020
On the 6th day of a protest in front of Government House, a cabinet resolution has delayed a city zoning meeting, a process required for the proposed industrial project in Chana District, Songkhla Province, and established a committee to solve the problem of constructing the industrial zone over 16,000 rai.
3 Oct 2019
The future of Amnesty International Thailand has been thrown into doubt after the government ordered a member of its Executive Board to be replaced with a Deputy Minister.
11 Sep 2019
Political cartoon by Stephff in response to Thammanat Prompao, the Minister of Agriculture, whose past has been exposed by an Austrialian report as a drug dealer sentenced in jail for 4 years.  
16 Jul 2019
In the presence of King Vajiralongkorn, the new cabinet is to be sworn in today (16 July 2019) at 6 pm. Prayut Chan-o-cha, the Prime Minister of Thailand, is facing challenges from all sides, including the general public, internal problems, civil society and the opposition parties. Prayut Chan-o-chaSource: The government's website
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