25 Jun 2014
  Thai junta has set up working groups to monitor all media channels and will censor media that spreads information which leads to “hatred toward the monarchy,” or which is false.    Police General Adul Saengsingkaew, Commissioner-General of the Royal Thai Police, in his capacity as Deputy Leader of the National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO), the junta’s temporary administrative body, told the Thai media on Tuesday that bodies have been set up to monitor different types of media:    - Broadcast media will
25 Jun 2014
  The best way for journalists to undermine the junta's rule is to report the truth: The First Editorial and Opening of Reporters Without Censors   Eighty-two years ago today (24 June 1932), Siam became a democracy. Today, the principles of freedom, equality and fraternity that initially came with it have not taken root in our political system.
24 Jun 2014
‘Thai Rath Online has reported that the Commander of the Technology Crime Suppression Division admits the mistake of shutting down the Association of Tennis Professionals websites (www.atptennis.com and www.atpworldtour.com) due to his misunderstanding that they were gambling websites.’
20 Jun 2014
Thai police have allegedly created fake applications to access Thai internet users’ personal information on Facebook if the users try to access blocked websites, the Thai Netizen Network reported on Thursday. When users try to access a blocked website, they are sometimes redirected to a landing page called “tcsd.info.” The web page would delude the users into navigating to a suspicious application on Facebook called “Login.” If users consented to the app, the users’ accounts were compromised. 
20 Jun 2014
  Thairath Online reports that the Commander of Technology Crime Suppression Division admits the mistake of shutting down the Association of Tennis Professionals websites (www.atptennis.com and www.atpworldtour.com) due to his misunderstanding of being gambling websites.   He said the Police's Technology Crime Suppression Division has beefed up on measures against all kind of gambling websites. They would be shut down if found to constitute any kind of gambling. 
2 Jun 2014
  The Ministry of Information and Communication Technology (MICT) is proposing a plan to build a state-owned Facebook-like social networking site called Thailand Social Network.    Surachai Srisarakam, MICT Permanent Secretary, said the Thailand Social Network is part of the Ministry’s plan to build the country’s digital infrastructure, called “Smart Thailand,” according to Matichon Online.
30 May 2014
  Thai authorities will spy on the country’s popular mobile chat applications by infiltrating into chat groups which are suspected of disseminating anti-junta comments.
30 May 2014
Following the recent military coup in Thailand, free speech, free assembly and academic freedom have been massively constrained. Now, the junta is even trying to extend these restrictions overseas.
28 May 2014
  The Ministry of Information and Communication Technology (MICT) has blocked 219 websites which are deemed threats to “national security” according to an order of the military junta and it will ask Facebook, YouTube and Line, a chat application, to ban some user accounts which disseminate “illegal” content, Surachai Srisakam, Permanent Secretary of the MICT, told media on Tuesday.    The MICT is also drafting a plan to build a national internet gateway so that censorship measures can be applied by the state more efficiently.
27 May 2014
The newspaper stands by Pravit's news reports and opinion pieces, saying they are in line with its editorial policies   In a letter addressed to General Prayuth Chan-ocha on Monday, The Nation called on the National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO) to release its senior journalist Pravit Rojanaphruk from military custody as soon as possible.   In the letter, The Nation's managing editor Jintana Panyaarvudh said Pravit's detention was akin to curtailing press freedom.
25 May 2014
The professional membership of the Foreign Correspondents’ Club of Thailand is deeply concerned by the detention of journalists by the new military authorities in Thailand, following the imposition of martial law on Tuesday and a full coup d’etat on Thursday.   Thanapol Eawsakul, the editor of Same Sky magazine, was arrested following an anti-coup protest on Friday.
24 May 2014
  More than 100 URLs have been blocked since the imposition of martial law on May 20, and more than 22,000 URLs have been blocked in total since December 2011, Surachai Srisarakham, Permanent Secretary of the ICT Ministry, told media on Saturday.    This was the work of the Cyber Security Operation Center (CSOC), he said.


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