24 May 2014
  The National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO) has reportedly “invited” news editors of 18 local newspapers, including the biggest circulation paper Thairath, to a “talk” on Sunday  at 2pm at the Thai Army Club on Vibhavadee Rangsit Road.    The list contains all the major papers.
23 May 2014
  After a picture of a Thai female reporter standing next to a line of soldiers with an ‘X’ taped over her lips was circulated on the Internet, the reporter was fired by the media company for which she works.   The photo was taken on May 22, shortly after the coup d’etat was announced.
23 May 2014
  The National Peace and Order Maintenance Council (NPOMC), a special security body led by coup maker Army Chief Prayuth Chan-ocha, announced several orders early on Friday morning which aim at limiting the freedom of expression and information of Thai citizens.   These measures were added after many TV channels and radio stations were forced to stop broadcasting their own programmes and only relay signals from the army’s TV and radio stations.
22 May 2014
  Under the century-old martial law declared by the army, a special body, set up on Wednesday to be responsible for internet censorship, vowed to shut down websites in an hour.    The body is composed of representatives from the Ministry of Information and Communication Technology, the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC), the police, and the army’s special peacekeeping body, the Peace and Order Maintaining Command (POMC).
20 May 2014
  The Thai Army on Tuesday at around 7 pm issued an order under martial law, prohibiting social media users from posting comments which incite conflict and violence, and ordered the temporary shutdown of four more media outlets. 
5 Sep 2013
Local NGO iLaw and Movie Audience Network have organized a film competition to defy the problematic 2007 Film and Video Act that critics say creates censorship in the film industry. 
25 Aug 2013
A draft amendment of Article 37 of the 2008 Broadcasting Act, aimed at prohibiting the broadcast of content undermining ‘national security’, the ‘constitutional monarchy system of government’, and ‘public morality’, is now undergoing public hearings while receiving wide opposition.
6 Mar 2013
Prachatai’s case against the authorities for blocking its website during the red-shirt protests in 2010 has finally been accepted by the Civil Court, after the Court’s initial decision to dismiss the case was overturned by the Appeals Court.
19 Feb 2013
WARNING!  This article has been written so as to conform to the restrictions on freedom of expression imposed by Thai law and its normal interpretation and practice. That should do it.
22 Aug 2012
Mizzima/Yangon, 21 August - The Burmese government lifted censorship for all print publications on Monday, according to an announcement on the government's Press Scrutiny and Registration Department website.
2 Jul 2012
Although it has been banned since April, the co-producer of the film "Shakespeare Must Die", Manit Sriwanithpoom, continues his campaign to overturn the Film Board's decision, which was based on fears that the satirical work would be interpreted as a criticism of Thaksin Shinwatra, inflaming social divisions. Manit talked to The Nation on Sunday's Pravit Rojanaphruk about the road ahead. Excerpts follow.


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