Central World arson

4 Sep 2014
The Appeal Court on Thursday affirmed the decision of the Court of First Instance to acquit two red-shirt supporters who were accused of committing arson at the Central World shopping plaza during the 2010 political violence in Bangkok.    The public prosecutor accused Saichon Paebua, 32, and Pinit Channarong, 30, of committing arson at the Central World shopping plaza at Bangkok’s Ratchaprasong shopping district, killing Kittipong Somsuk, a red-shirt supporter who was hiding in the mall.
26 Mar 2013
On 25 March, South Bangkok Criminal Court acquitted Saichon Phaebua and Phinit Channarong in the case of the Central World arson in 2010, citing benefit of the doubt.
17 Feb 2013
The South Bangkok Criminal Court has scheduled 25 March to give its ruling on the Central World arson case during the political unrest on 19 May 2010.
9 Aug 2012
On 6 Aug, the Central Juvenile and Family Court held a hearing in the case of Attaphol and Phasakorn (family names withheld), who were accused, among other charges, of setting fire to the Central World shopping complex two years ago.
27 Jul 2011
The pieces are still scattered as to what happened and who bears responsibility for the fire that burned down the Central World shopping complex and the search for truth in the ashes of last year’s protest continues in Bangkok South Criminal Court. 
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