Chainarin N.

19 Mar 2015
The military court on Thursday sentenced a man to five years in jail for using the name of the monarchy in a scam but since the defendant pleaded guilty, the jail term was halved to two years and six months.    Chainarin N. was found guilty under Article 112 of the Criminal Code for embezzling money through a bogus royal project.
9 Jan 2015
Almost all of the suspects in cases related to former royal consort face lèse-majesté. Unlike the political dissidents hunted down by the junta for their political speeches allegedly defaming the monarchy, claims about the monarchy for personal gain may not be deemed as “defaming, insulting, or threatening," What are the standards for this? 
14 Dec 2014
A prosecutor and several others filed lèse majesté complaints against the Secretary-General of the Office of The Under Royal Graciousness [sic] for embezzling money through a false royal project.  
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