Charnnarong Polsrila

26 Nov 2012
On 26 Nov, the Criminal Court ruled that the death of Charnnarong Polsrila had been caused by security officers during the crackdown on red shirts in May 2010.
22 Nov 2011
A police team investigating the deaths of 16 people allegedly killed by the authorities between April and May last year has finished and forwarded the case of Charnnarong Polsrila to the prosecution, and it expects to finish two more cases, including that of the Japanese reporter Hiroyuki Muramoto, by this week.
28 Sep 2010
"People's Information Center: The April-May 2010" (PIC) held a public hearing to gather information from those who were injured and from family members of those who were killed during the incidents.  The Thammasat Auditorium was packed with an audience mostly wearing red shirts, who came to share their experience. On 25 Sept, a public forum and concert to raise funds for victims and relatives were held at Thammasat’s Sriburapha Hall.
21 Jun 2010
The daughter of a red shirt killed at Ratchaprarop on 15 May has finally found the body of her father.  She has met independent photographer Nick Nostitz to hear about her father’s fatal moment.  Nostitz took pictures of the man injured with gunshot wounds on that day while they were seeking shelter and has been trying to locate him ever since.
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