Chiang Rai

18 Dec 2014
An Army unit in northern Thailand filed a police complaint, accusing a businessman of defaming the King on Facebook.  The Chiang Rai Army’s Peace and Order Maintenance Command sent a representative to file the complaint at Chiang Rai Police Station on Tuesday, according to ASTV-Manager Online. 
11 Dec 2014
The military court in Chiang Rai on Thursday ruled to proceed with the trial of a lèse majesté case despite an obvious lack of intention on the part of the defendant who allegedly was out of his mind when committing the crime. 
27 Aug 2014
  A Military Court in Chiang Rai Province early this week sentenced seven anti-coup protesters to six months in jail and a fine of 10,000 baht, but since the defendants pleaded guilty, the sentences were halved and the jail terms suspended for one year.    On Monday and Tuesday, the Military Court delivered verdicts in two cases.
14 Aug 2014
  A military court in Northern Chiang Rai Province on Thursday sentenced an anti-coup protester to three months in jail and fine of 5,000 baht, with the jail term suspended for one year.
9 Jul 2014
  Police in northern Chiang Rai Province caught a man red-handed after he had torn up a photograph of HM the King, and charged him with lèse majesté, ASTV Manager Online reported on Wednesday.    Samak Panthe, 49, reportedly tore up a photograph of HM the King which was installed at the gate of Pasak Village in Thoeng District.   According to the report, Samak resided in the village and confessed that he himself destroyed the photo.   
12 Jun 2014
  An anti-coup protester was detained for seven days and charged with defying the junta, while seven other anti-coup protesters will be tried in a military court.    The police in Chiang Rai Province on June 9 accused Sarawut Kulomturapoj of protesting against the junta and disseminating anti-military messages on the Internet.   The military in northern Chiang Rai Province raided his house on May 31, but he was not home. Sarawut then reported to the military on June 1.
6 Jun 2014
  The Military Court in northern Chiang Rai province has summoned seven anti-junta protesters to report at 9.30 am on Tuesday, June 10, reportedly to acknowledge charges of participating in a public assembly of more than five people.    The seven protesters were arrested on Sunday May 25 at McDonald’s Chiang Rai Central Plaza branch. They held a symbolic protest against the military similar to the event held in Bangkok at McDonald’s Ratchaprasong branch.
26 May 2014
  Nine anti-coup protesters were reportedly arrested on Sunday in northern Chiang Rai and in Chiang Mai province on Sunday (1 from Chiang Mai and 8 from Chiang Rai) while seven anti-coup protesters were arrested in Chiang Mai on Saturday alone.    About 30-50 protesters gathered at various spots in Chiang Mai on Sunday to show their opposition to the coup amid tight security by the military, while in Chiang Rai, protesters defied the military junta twice at McDonald’s.    In Chiang Mai, the military has used b
4 Aug 2010
The high school student charged with violating the Emergency Decree has undergone a psychological examination and is scheduled to receive psychotherapy for two days. On 2 Aug, the 16 year-old Grade 11 student, who joined four college students on 16 July to protest against the decree and the government crackdown on demonstrations at Ratchaprasong, underwent a psychological examination by officials of the Juvenile Observation and Protection Centre.
1 Aug 2010
A high school student, one of five students who have been persecuted for their minor protest against the Emergency Decree in Chiang Rai, reported to the Juvenile Observation and Protection Centre for questioning, and has been advised to confess to the crime and ask the court for leniency.


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