24 Aug 2012
Thousands of Kachin at Risk From Conflict, Abuses, Aid Shortages (New York, August 24, 2012) – China should stop its forced returns of thousands of ethnic Kachin refugees to northern Burma, where they are at risk from armed hostilities, Burmese army abuses, and lack of aid, Human Rights Watch said today.
17 Feb 2012
Detentions, Re-education on a Scale not Seen Since Late 1970s (New York, February 16, 2012) – The Chinese government should immediately release Tibetans who have been detained by local police and are being forced to undergo political re-education after travelling to India to listen to religious teachings there, Human Rights Watch said today.
9 Dec 2011
Nobel Laureate Remains Jailed Despite Global Condemnation (New York, December 9, 2011) – The Chinese government’s increasing intransigence on high-profile human rights cases requires governments to make progress on such cases a benchmark for closer relations and high-level visits, Human Rights Watch said. Imprisoned Nobel Peace Prize laureate Liu Xiaobo and his wife Liu Xia are high-profile examples of cases of concern to the international community.
7 Sep 2011
On September 3, 2011, the Economist published an article which criticizes the role of the Chinese state in China’s privatization.  In essence, the article asserts that shareholdings by the Chinese government and its influence on corporate decision-making stymies the efficiency of private enterprises and has encouraged corruption among state officials. The Economist thus implicitly urges the Chinese state to refrain from exerting its influence on private enterprises, i.e. colossally privatize state enterprises.
11 Aug 2011
New Thai Government Demonstrates Disregard for Rights (New York, August 10, 2011) – The Chinese government should immediately allow access to Nur Muhammed, an ethnic Uighur who was handed over to Chinese officials in Bangkok on August 6, 2011, Human Rights Watch said today. China’s record of torture, disappearance, and arbitrary detention of Uighurs, a predominantly Muslim ethnic minority, puts Muhammed at grave risk of torture, Human Rights Watch said.
24 Mar 2011
Online calls for China to stage its own ‘Jasmine Revolution’ following protests in the Middle East and North Africa has prompted the heaviest wave of arrests of Chinese activists for several years, Amnesty International has said.
28 Oct 2009
115 civil society organizations and political parties from 20 countries today submitted an open letter to China’s President Hu Jintao calling for the suspension of oil and gas pipelines through Burma in order to prevent rights abuses and regional instability, avoiding financial and image risks to China. Petitions were submitted by the Shwe Gas Movement and its solidarity networks at Chinese Embassies in Thailand, India, Japan, South Korea, the Philippines, Malaysia, Australia, Sweden, Norway, the Netherlands and the UK.
30 Sep 2009
As China prepares to celebrate the sixtieth anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic on October 1, many people the world over have already become accustomed to thinking of China as the new global superpower.
1 Sep 2009
Shan activists are calling on China to immediately halt all investment in dams on the Salween River following the recent heavy fighting between the Burmese military regime and the Kokang ceasefire army near the site of the Upper Salween Dam planned by Chinese companies in northern Shan State.


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