Cho-airong Hospital

7 Apr 2016
Thailand’s head of the team engaged in peace talks with the Deep South independence movements says last month’s siege of Cho-airong Hospital shows disunity among the movement. However, this disunity will benefit Bangkok.
18 Mar 2016
After the seizure of a public hospital in the Deep South sparked outrage from both the authorities and civil groups, the Thai military said that they have to tighten control over the region amid calls from activists that they should step back for civilian protection.
15 Mar 2016
In pursuance to the violence in the Cho-airong Hospital on 13 March 2016, the Permanent Secretary of Ministry of Public Health, Dr Sophon Mekthon said that the siege by the insurgents did not last so long and none of the health personnel was harmed, though damages have been inflicted on property including computers, desks, doors, etc. All medical personnel, nurses and doctors, are fine as well as the patients. High ranking officers will be dispatched there to inspect the situation and will report more information to the Ministry later.
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