21 Aug 2010
Chulalongkorn political science lecturer dismisses what happened as petty nonsense, and believes that the students have someone behind them, while university administrators have refused to be interviewed.
19 Aug 2010
An attempt of a group of Chula students to protest against Abhisit Vejjajiva inside the university was thwarted by a lecturer and university security guards. The students called on the PM to call an early election, and take legal action against those responsible for the April-May massacre.
9 Apr 2010
Chulalongkorn Network in Honour of Morality-led Democracy has sent an e-mail urging people to join its rally at Chatuchak Park; any shirt colour will do, except red.  A group of NGOs has released a statement to oppose a House dissolution, and urge the government to solve their problems first.  Key persons of both groups have been active supporters of the PAD.    
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