Climate crisis

16 Nov 2021
As the 26th session of the Conference of Parties (COP26) to the UN United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) in Glasgow comes to a close, members and partners of Asia Pacific Forum on Women, Law and Development (APWLD) reiterate their rejection to false climate solutions reflected in the COP26 outcomes that further burden grassroots women and perpetuate plunder of resources of global south countries.
7 Dec 2020
Five Thai companies have been identified as the top plastic polluters locally responsible for plastic pollution affecting two provinces, according to the latest brand audit report conducted by Greenpeace Thailand. 
22 Apr 2020
On International Earth Day, and as the coronavirus epidemic rages on in Southeast Asia, and the rest of the world, regional MPs are today warning of the need to combat climate change and environmental destruction in order to lower the risk of future health emergencies.
20 Jan 2020
Thailand’s smog crisis continues in Bangkok and other provinces for a second week, with pollution readings at hazardous levels, while the spokesperson of the Prime Minister’s Office has insisted that the situation has yet to reach a crisis level and asks the public not to panic.
20 Jan 2020
As the deadline for the submission of countries’ climate change action plans to the Paris agreement (NDCs) draws to a close, regional lawmakers urge ASEAN member states to review their climate ambitions
16 Dec 2019
The Heinrich Böll Foundation (HBF) and Greenpeace held a press briefing last Thursday (12 December) at the Heinrich Böll Foundation Southeast Asia office in Bangkok, in which representatives of the two organizations called for a new global convention on the plastic crisis and for a whole-cycle approach to managing plastic waste.
13 Dec 2019
As the COP25 drew to a close, regional lawmakers today denounced the failure of any ASEAN government to join the alliance of nations who intend to submit enhanced climate action plans for 2020 and urged their leaders to do so as a matter of urgency.
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