Constitutional court

23 Nov 2013
The Constitutional Court’s latest ruling was full of serious errors, pointed out the courageous “Nitirat” group of law academics after the Court judged last week that the attempt by the ruling Pheu Thai MPs to amend the coup-makers’ charter to change the senate from being partly elected and partly appointed to fully elected was unconstitutional. The group also urged the Parliament to defy the court's decision.
22 Nov 2013
The Constitutional Court ruling that it is unconstitutional to amend the Constitution is proof of the sacrosanct nature of the document, so unutterably perfect that no change could possibly be an improvement.  Perhaps it is time to go back and review how this flawless piece of work came about.
6 Oct 2012
The attempt by the righteous academics of NIDA to expand the Constitutional Court’s mandate into economic policy (after its recent brave forays into politics and legislating) has apparently stumbled at a fairly petty hurdle.
4 Aug 2012
In another controversial ruling, the Constitutional Court of Thailand has disqualified the Pheu Thai party from politics for ‘not using one’s best efforts to win’ and ‘conducting oneself in a manner that is clearly abusive or detrimental to the sport of politics’.
10 Jun 2012
The Constitutional Court enraged football fans around the country by telling the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission to rescind its order to TrueVisions to carry the Euro 2012 football championships.   The UEFA rights to show the games in Thailand had been won by GMM Grammy, which had then made deals with upcountry satellite channels and the free-to-air channels, but not with TrueVisions, which has a virtual monopoly on satellite TV in and around Bangkok.  


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