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2015-10-04 14:32
Cancel OYW wishes to announce its appeal to One Young World Counsellors and Organisers. OYW’s 2015 global summit is planned for November 18-21 in the heart of the world’s only military dictatorship, Thailand. The appeal may be seen at Thailand’s Future in English and Thai, along with contact information for One Young World representatives.   “One Young World is an international charity committed to freedom of speech for world’s future leaders. We think that the message of holding OYW in a military dictatorship sends the wrong message to our bright future.
2015-10-04 13:03
A renowned cartoonist of Thairath, a daily newspaper with biggest circulation in Thailand, was summoned by the military for his cartoons criticizing junta, Voice TV reported on Sunday morning.    The report said Sakda Sae-eaw, known by his penname as “Sia,” a cartoonist whose column is on Thairath page 3, reported in at the Royal Thai Army Headquarter on Sunday morning.     
2015-09-19 18:11
Anti-coup activists on Saturday commemorated the 2006 military coup, arguably the event which triggered Thailand’s polarized political conflict, amid tight security in central Bangkok.     On 19 September 2006, Gen Sonthi Boonyaratglin, then Army Commander, staged a military coup d’état to topple then Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra, reasoning that Thaksin was allegedly involved in corruption and nepotism, interfered in independent state agencies and insulted the King.
2015-09-15 08:50
The military officials have held in custody Mr. Pichai Naripthaphan on 8 September 2015, and Mr. Karoon Hosakul on 10 September 2015. To this, Gen. Prayut Chan-o-cha, Head of the National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO), told the press that the detention of the two persons was relating to their outspoken critique of the government’s performance. Of late, a senior reporter of The Nation, Mr. Pravit Rojanaphruk, has been deprived of his liberty as well on 13 September 2015.
2015-09-11 10:04
Much has been made of the National Council for Peace and Order’s attempts at political reconciliation and its voting down its own draft constitution in an act of political theater. In fact, everyone in ‘Amazing Thailand’ right now is engaged in a giant ‘democratic thought experiment’ – trapped in a giant, country-size military camp. As no one except General Prayut, the NCPO, and the National Legislative Assembly has any power in these ‘special circumstances’, the whole country has an ideal opportunity to collectively consider the nature of power and the absence of it – nautonomy.
2015-09-06 15:35
5 September 2015, the Thai Lawyers for Human Rights (TLHR) has the following legal opinions concerning the Draft Constitution of the Kingdom of Thailand which is tabled for voting in the National Reform Council (NRC) on 6 September. Four points are being raised coupled with recommendations as follows;    (1) The lack of democratic justification in its inception and drafting process – The Draft Constitution has been made possible directly as a result of a military coup. Legally, the commission of a coup is an unlawful act.
2015-07-28 10:59
Protestors Fight Thai Military Rule From The U.S.   American Thais and Thais supporters demand   political rights for students in Thailand.     Los Angeles, CA - Fifty protesters gathered at the Royal Thai Consulate today to denounce Thailand’s military junta and advocate for Thai political rights.
2015-07-06 10:05
Two theater activists have been jailed for insulting the King for their involvement with the Wolf Bride, a student play which parodies the Thai political conflict. At least two actors have fled Thailand because they acted in the same play.  
2015-07-02 10:04
LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA – On Monday morning, employees of the Royal Thai Consulate-General of Los Angeles and nearby pedestrians were greeted by protesters standing in support of the 14 students who were arrested in Bangkok on June 26.
2015-06-30 15:03
A group of almost 300 academics denounced the junta’s arrest of 14 anti-junta activists, mostly university students, as “barbaric.”   The Network of Academics Concerned about Arrested Students, consisting of educators from all across Thailand, declared in a statement released Tuesday, June 30, that “only a tyrant would react using brute force and enforcement of barbaric laws on students using their citizens’ rights to call for reinstatement of internationally-held values and governance.”   The statement praises the activists’ pro-democracy


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