3 Nov 2010
The court has approved arrest warrants for two women who were caught in photographs writing offensive messages during a red-shirt rally at the Democracy Monument on 10 Oct.
30 Oct 2010
The Centre for the Resolution of the Emergency Situation says it will deal with unregistered community radio stations, some of which are divisive and offensive.
30 Sep 2010
A Sub-Committee of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission has met with senior security officers to gather information on the April-May crackdowns on the red shirts.  More meetings will be held next month.  The CRES spokesperson insists that the security forces adhered to the law and international practice during the crackdowns, and says that the 91 deaths are being exploited and distorted.
10 Sep 2010
The CRES spokesperson told the press that some people misrepresented the facts by claiming that the authorities killed red shirts, and he insisted that there were armed elements among protesters who killed the security forces and protesters and that soldiers did not use live ammunition.  The Emergency Decree is to remain because there are offences against the monarchy.  He also warned that the placing of red flowers in front of prisons by red shirts might constitute contempt of court.
1 Sep 2010
The CRES spokesperson told a press conference that certain print media have distorted information causing anxiety and rifts among the public, and presented news affronting the monarchy.  The CRES will take legal action against them or close them down if necessary.
1 Aug 2010
A high school student, one of five students who have been persecuted for their minor protest against the Emergency Decree in Chiang Rai, reported to the Juvenile Observation and Protection Centre for questioning, and has been advised to confess to the crime and ask the court for leniency.
27 Jul 2010
5 students in Chiang Rai have been persecuted by the authorities after they staged a small protest calling for the lifting of the Emergency Decree and reminding the public of the killings in Ratchaprasong. 
4 Jul 2010
The DSI will ask the CRES for information on 27 anti-monarchists whom the CRES has accused of plotting against the institution. DSI Deputy Director General Pol Col Yanaphol Yangyuen said on 3 July that a chart which had previously been publicized by the CRES had identified 27 people involved in the crime of lèse majesté, which threatens national security.  These 27 persons have not been arrested.
8 Jun 2010
Somyot Pruksakasemsuk, a veteran labour activist and editor of Voice of Taksin magazine, has written to the National Human Rights Commission, calling on the body to look into his case. He and Chulalongkorn history lecturer Dr Suthachai Yimprasert reported to the CRES on 21 May, and were sent to be held in custody at a military camp in Saraburi.  They were denied the right to see lawyers. Suthachai was released on 1 May, but Somyot has still remained in detention.  Several labour groups in Thailand and other countries have been campaigning to call for his release.
28 May 2010
CRES spokesperson Col Sansern Kaewkamnerd said that Chulalongkorn academic Suthachai Yimprasert had the right to go on a hunger strike, which must make him hungry, but insisted that the CRES was authorized to detain him under the Emergency Decree.
26 May 2010 has been blocked by the CRES since about 11 am today., the original, was among the first batch of 36 websites ordered blocked by the CRES on 8 April.  Its domain name was changed to until it was blocked on 5 May.  Prachatai then changed its domain name to which was immediately blocked on the same day. could continue until 20 May, and had to change to until today.  As of now (4.31 pm, 26 May), Prachatai can be accessed at 
26 May 2010
The latest number of websites closed or blocked by the CRES is 1,150, increasing from 770 as of last week.  A source at the CRES, however, said that some websites had been inaccessible due to traffic overload, not ordered closed by the CRES, and blamed ISPs for redirecting to the CRES page.  


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