Crown Property Bureau

12 Feb 2021
The change of laws which transfer the crown assets into the name of King Vajiralongkorn has made him one of the wealthiest monarch in the world. Prachatai take a look into related laws to find out whether they are taxable or not.
18 Jan 2021
Where do the king's assets come from? In order to understand the discussion on monarchy reform and crown property, Prachatai traces the changes in how the monarchy's assets are managed through the Rattanakosin era. 
17 Feb 2020
2019 is counted as the year when the arc of Thai politics was most striking since it was a time of transition from the ‘dark era’ under almost 5 years of the NCPO to the ‘hazy era’ after the election (which had been postponed 6 times) under the 2017 Constitution whose complicated design locked politics into a multilayered parliamentary system, and the Future Forward Party emerged to strongly challenge the old system.
13 May 2015
The Crown Property Bureau (CPB) is one of Thailand’s most revered yet opaque financial institutions. In recent years, however, there have been moves, including by the CPB itself, to increase transparency and discussion of the CPB in the public sphere. Most recently, at a March seminar sponsored by the Institute of Southeast Asian Studies in Singapore, Associate Professor Dr.
21 Aug 2014
  After the Harvard Crimson an article which talked about the pro-coup Thai elite trying to influence the Thai Studies programme at Harvard for the “personal safety of its author,” the paper on Thursday reposted the article on its website saying it was now safe because the author had left Thailand. 
24 Jul 2012
Blogger and freelance financial analyst Sarinee Achavanuntakul has made some observations about the Crown Property Bureau’s recently released 2011 annual report.   
22 Jun 2011
The Crown Property Bureau (CPB) released its 2010 Annual Report (downloadable here). The report’s postscript particularly challenges the report by Forbes magazine which claims His Majesty the King of Thailand is the richest monarch in the world. It is well known that Forbes’s asset appraisal includes “crown property” under the charge of the CPB. In essence, the postscript of the report says:
25 Feb 2011
On 23 Feb, Dr Sumet Tantivejkul, Secretary-general of the Chaipattana Foundation, was interviewed by Matichon about a report on the Canadian news website the Vancouver Sun which has the King of Thailand on top of its list of the 10 richest world leaders.
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