Democracy Monument

19 Dec 2019
The events at dawn on 24 June 1932 can be counted as a point that divided Thai history into 2 eras, the old and the new, the era of the absolute monarchy and the era of democracy.  But this has disappeared from the record of history as it is taught in social studies, just as the inheritance left behind by the People’s Party (Khana Ratsadon) is gradually being destroyed.
11 Oct 2019
Cartoon by Stephff's as Democracy Monument where protesters used to assemble has been covered by green landscape. 
1 Jul 2015
Symbols are a communication tool which has been used as a part of the expression of opinions. A particular place, such as the Democracy Monument, can be used as a symbol and become the subject of controversy. 
20 Nov 2014
After five student activists from Khon Kaen University were arrested on Wednesday morning for flashing a three-fingered salute, a group of 11 student activists from Bangkok’s Thammasat University organized a supper at the Democracy Monument to show support for their fellow student activists, which led to their arrest late on Wednesday night.    After they were detained for about four hours, the police released them before midnight without charge.    
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