discrimination against disabilities

31 Jan 2017
An organisation promoting accessible transportation has kick-started a campaign to demand government compensation for the inaccessibility of Bangkok’s Skytrain system for people using wheelchairs.
14 Nov 2016
Why is it hard for us to imagine what the sex lives of disabled people are like? Will they have children? Have they ever had boyfriends or girlfriends? This may reflect the old saying that “sex” and “disability” are completely separate from each other. Many disabled people have never received sex education; some are kept away from it; some are afraid because they don’t know anything. The result is that many of the disabled and their families choose to bury this topic away as deep as possible, with many avoiding the problem altogether through sterilization.
19 Aug 2016
A senior Buddhist monk in eastern Thailand has disrobed a young monk for being too small. A secretary of the abbot of Thap Chang Temple in Soi Dao District of the eastern province of Chanthaburi performed a ritual on Tuesday, 16 August 2016 to disrobe Venerable Sermsak Thammasaro, a 21-year-old Buddhist monk of Phasuk Temple in the district, Khaosod news reported.
21 Jan 2015
The Supreme Administrative Court on Wednesday ruled that facility for physically challenged people must be built in the Bangkok’s skytrain ‘BTS’ system.    The ruling, which overturned the verdict of the Central Administrative Court in 2009, beautifully ends the 20-year fight of the Thai people with disabilities in Thailand for transportation equity on the Bangkok’s popular mass public transportation.
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