DJ Ken

19 Jul 2014
  A Thai woman took a video clip of her visit to a house in the suburbs of London where anti-Thai monarchist Chatwadee Amornpat aka “Rose” reportedly used to live, and gave her a present, presumably excrement.    This is the third time that Thai royalists have recorded videos of themselves harassing Rose at No.
18 Jun 2014
  A Thai man took a video clip of his visit to the house of Chatwadee Amornpat aka “Rose”, who has publicly stated that she is against the Thai monarchy. The man flashed a gun and spray painted the Thai national flag on the front door.    The clip begins with the man, who calls himself “DJ Ken”, saying that today he was going to take a ride somewhere. When he arrived at the door of Number 18 in a suburb of London, supposedly the house of Rose, he parked his car and said “I also have a souvenir for Rose”.
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