driving licence

2018-08-20 12:00
The concern of the Department of Land Transport for the safety of road users can be gauged by the ‘training’ component in the process of getting a driving licence.  60-70 applicants are seated wall-to-wall in a room to watch an hour-long video.  And to make sure no one skips the ‘training’, the official locks the door on the way out. If ever there was a fire, it would be a death trap. The video itself is very informative.  Not about how to drive safely on Thailand’s roads (that seems to have been abandoned as a lost cause) but about how Thai society works.
2013-08-10 19:35
I recently had the opportunity to view a training film on gender relations in Thailand.  Produced by a government agency, it adopted the format of a domestic drama, with acting and dialogue as dire as any Thai soap.
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