Ekapop L.

17 Jun 2015
The Thai prosecutor’s office has indicted and proceeded with the extradition of a lèse majesté suspect in exile. The Office of the Attorney General of Thailand on Tuesday indicted Ekapop L. (aka Tang Achiwa), an anti-establishment red shirt currently in self-imposed exile, under Article 112 of the Criminal Code, the lèse majesté law.
23 Jan 2015
Thai royalists protested in front of the New Zealand Embassy in Bangkok, pressuring the New Zealand government to extradite a lèse majesté suspect living in exile there and threatening to step up measures if the New Zealand government do not comply with their demands.
14 Jan 2015
After being attacked by Thai ultra-royalists who who resented the UNHCR for the alleged role in givingถ a lese majeste suspect refugee status, the Thailand’s branch of UNHCR closed down its facebook fan page.
12 Jan 2015
After the media reported that the UNHCR had granted a high-profile lèse majesté suspect refugee status, Thai royalists fiercely attacked the UNHCR on its Thai Facebook page, saying they would stop funding the organization and threatening to harass its funding officers.   Thai royalists threatened to withdraw monthly donations to the UN refugee agency in Thailand over the agency’s role in giving refugee status to a redshirt political activist Ekapop L., (aka.
7 Jan 2015
The Thai junta leader said the government will try to cooperate with other countries to extradite lèse majesté suspects back to Thailand to prevent them from undermining the regime from overseas.   
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