6 Aug 2018
With the ban on parties engaging in political activity still in place, a group of pro-junta politicians is forming a political coalition to support junta leader Gen Prayut Chan-o-cha in the upcoming general elections. The coalition will target the Northeast, the stronghold of the Pheu Thai party. 
8 May 2018
As someone who voted for Pheu Thai before, and could possibly vote for them again, I would like to respectfully inform the party of this message: Will the party be a part of the battle for democracy? If the party thinks that this is the most important role for them right now, I would like it to be understood that the current political objective is not to win the election. If we’re under a constitution that deprives an elected administration body of power like this, why should we win the election?
18 Apr 2018
While the confronting political ideologies in western countries are the left and the right, their counterparts in Thai politics are moral politics and the politics of economic inequality. These ideologies will be represented through political parties in the upcoming election. In the 2018 elections, policies will not and cannot be a decisive factor since politicians have to conform to the NCPO’s National Strategic Plan which provides a policy framework that future governments have to follow for the next 20 years.
2 Mar 2018
The movement against the ruling junta has been reignited after the recent protests calling for elections at the MBK department store and the Democracy Monument, but the public seems to be overlooking one of its primary goals, which is to stop the junta from staying in power.   Since late January, the group of activists called the Democracy Restoration Group (DRG) have staged three political activities, which have led to the prosecution of over 70 individuals.
31 Jan 2018
Bangkok police have summoned 39 participants in last weekend’s political campaign, which urged the junta to step down.
22 Jan 2018
Since the junta leader coined the term “Thai-ism democracy,” various politicians have observed that it is just another attempt by the junta to justify its authoritarian politics by using beautiful words. But looking at Prayut’s further explanations, it might be worse than that.   “Thailand can no longer be in conflict.
19 Jul 2017
After repeated postponements, the Election Commission of Thailand (ECT) has announced that the next election will be held on 19 August 2018.   On 17 July 2017, Supachai Somcharoen, chair of the ECT, announced the time frame for Thailand’s next general election. The law on the election of MPs will be promulgated by 31 March 2018 while the ECT’s regulations on elections, including electoral districts, will be released in early April.
5 Jun 2017
The Interior Minister has said the junta will collect the ID numbers of anyone who gives feedback on the four questions about elections posed by junta head Gen Prayut Chan-o-cha to the public last week.    On 26 May 2017 during his weekly televised address, Prayut asked four questions seeking feedback on the issue of elections.    The four questions were: Will the next election lead to ‘good governance’? If not, what should be done? Is it right to focus only on elections, at the expense of the co
29 May 2017
After three years under the junta, a nationwide poll has found that 50.6% of citizens desire as soon as possible — a jump in support for democracy from previous years.
14 Dec 2016
New regulations on political parties have sparked debate over whether these will make parties more responsive to voters, or whether they will kill off many of Thailand’s current parties.    On 7 December 2016, the Constitution Drafting Committee published the first draft of the Organic Act on Elections, a reform of regulations on political parties that comes under the new junta-backed constitution.
6 Jan 2014
A talk with the Asian Network for Free Elections' Executive Director: "Thailand electoral justice system the toughest in Asia"
31 Oct 2010
The court has acquitted a Chulalongkorn lecturer who tore up his ballot papers in the 2006 elections.  It says that the elections were illegal, so the ballot papers were not considered real ballot papers, and were worth little money.


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