Emergency Decree

2 Mar 2011
22 red shirts held in prison in Udon Thani have been denied bail, while 6 red shirts in Mukdahan have been granted bail to receive treatment for mental illness.
18 Feb 2011
A written statement submitted by the Asian Legal Resource Centre (ALRC) to the UN Human Rights Council
28 Jan 2011
Sombat Bun-ngam-anong has received a second indictment for violating the Emergency Decree.
25 Jan 2011
The public prosecutor has decided to drop the case of a red-shirt vendor who was arrested and charged with selling flip-plops bearing the picture of the Prime Minister’s face in October last year on grounds of insufficient evidence.
23 Dec 2010
The public must demand that the government free all websites blocked under the emergency decree, which ended yesterday, in order to defend their right to access information, media executive Chuwat Rerksrisuk said yesterday.
23 Dec 2010
It has been 258 days since the Prachatai.com website was blocked under the order of the CRES. The order to block the website came about right after the declaration of the Emergency Decree on Public Administration in Emergency Situation (hereafter “Decree”). Prachatai.com, which has been online since September 2004, was first blocked on 8 April 2010. The amount of the financial loss, according to the figures that Prachatai has filed in a charge against the government and CRES with the Court of Justice and which is currently being investigated by the Court of Appeal, stands at 5 million baht.  
13 Dec 2010
Two detained red shirts, who were recently released after serving six months for violating the emergency decree in May, said they received no proper legal representation or counselling and were summarily handed down six-month imprisonment terms.
4 Dec 2010
Nikorn Srikamma has been set free after the court sentenced him to two years in jail, reduced to 6 months because he had confessed and behaved well.
25 Nov 2010
Authorities Use Draconian Law to Violate Rights and Obstruct Justice (New York, November 24, 2010) – Thai authorities are using emergency powers to violate fundamental rights and obstruct efforts to bring abusers to justice six months after violent clashes between anti-government groups and government security forces, Human Rights Watch said today.
24 Nov 2010
Army Chief Gen Prayuth Chan-ocha said that the PAD had the legal right to hold rallies during Parliament’s consideration of charter amendments as long as they did not use violence.  The Emergency Decree has to be kept in force until the situation returns to normal.  He insisted that there were never double standards regarding enforcement of the decree, and all groups had been treated equally, according to an ASTV-Manager report on 24 Nov.
21 Nov 2010
Police arrested a flip-flop vendor at the red shirt rally at Ratchaprasong intersection, and confiscated about 100 pairs of flip-flops bearing the PM’s face.
11 Nov 2010
The military should withdraw armed soldiers from BTS Skytrain and MRT subway stations and lift immediately the emergency decree which has been imposed for nearly six months. The prolonged decree and soldiers' presence is militarising Thai society and creating fear among those who oppose the government, said Patchanee Kumnak, a committee member of Social Move, a fringe group of Thai leftists.


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