25 Nov 2011
Prachatai has been informed that in response to the Thai Ministry of Information and Communications Technology request to Facebook to remove 10,000 pages or URLs that are deemed by the Ministry to be offensive, an American citizen has formally written and delivered a request for investigation of the Thai request against the background of the Freedom of Information Act, the Speech Act of 2010, US constitutional safeguards and other laws relevant to free expression in a democratic society, to the US Department of Justice and foreign relations committees of both houses of Congress.
24 Nov 2011
On 23 Nov, Grp Cpt Anudith Nakornthap, Minister of Information and Communications Technology, said that the Ministry had asked Facebook headquarters to delete over 10,000 URLs or pages which contained pictures and messages offensive to the monarchy.
28 Apr 2011
On 27 April, the Military Court arranged the dates for the trial of a squadron leader who has been charged with lèse majesté.  The trial will start on 14 July, and will be held in secret, allowing only the defendant and his lawyers to attend. 
18 Sep 2010
The Ministry of Culture and the Department of Special Investigation will set up a panel to investigate Same Sky magazine for alleged lèse majesté content.  A group of royalists have urged a senate committee to take action against lèse majesté offenders on Facebook, and the DSI has posted an arrest warrant for a Facebook user.


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