2 Sep 2016
Buku FC, a football club in the Deep South with the slogan “football for peace and equality,” has created a space for women and girls to exercise and express themselves. The team is made up of Muslim women, men, and LGBT individuals. 
25 Feb 2015
If you haven’t already caught it, I do recommend the clip of an incident on the Paris Metro just before last week’s PSG vs Chelsea game.  For his dignified confrontation against wilfully ignorant loutishness, the actions of M. Suleymane would be hard to best. After a 10-hour day, he just wanted to get home, but was pushed out of a train, twice, by Chelsea supporters chanting ‘We’re racist, we’re racist, and that’s the way we like it.’  He lost his phone in the incident.
6 Apr 2013
Those readers with no interest in Premier League football may be in ignorance of the controversy surrounding the sudden appointment of Italian Paolo Di Canio as manager of Sunderland.  The team’s owners hope that with 7 games to go, he can save them from relegation (they are currently 1 point above the danger zone).
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