gender equality

2 Sep 2016
Buku FC, a football club in the Deep South with the slogan “football for peace and equality,” has created a space for women and girls to exercise and express themselves. The team is made up of Muslim women, men, and LGBT individuals. 
1 Feb 2016
Everyone says we must create equality — men and women deserve the same rights and can do the same good and bad things. Oh, if you all think so, the Thai society will deteriorate!
21 Jan 2016
Bangkok, Thailand (21 January 2016) – Women's participation and leadership must be at the core of peace and security efforts, a new study from UN Women finds.   Revealing groundbreaking new findings, UN Women and the Department of Women’s Affairs and Family Development (DWAFD), Ministry of Social Development and Human Security, of the Government of  Thailand launched in Asia-Pacific the critical new report Preventing Conflict, Transforming Justice, Securing the Peace: A Global Study on the Implementation of Security Council resolution 1325.
20 Oct 2015
On 16 October, United Nations Under-Secretary-General and UN Women Executive Director Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka attended a remarkable event in Bangkok organized by the YWCA to expand the advocacy on gender equality and women’s rights and symbolically pass the torch to the next generation of feminists.   “We must be single-minded about the fact that change for women and girls more than ever before is possible in our lifetimes,” she said in her speech.
28 Apr 2015
BANGKOK, 28 April 2015 - A major report from UN Women, released in seven locations globally, brings together human rights and economic policymaking to call for far-reaching changes to the global policy agenda that will transform economies and make women’s rights, and equality, a reality. It takes an in-depth look at what the economy would look like if it truly worked for women, for the benefit of all.
18 Mar 2015
The junta-appointed parliament has passed the 2015 Gender Equality Act. The law imposes a jail term of up to six months for anyone committing gender discrimination.   The latest version of the law, announced in the Royal Gazette on 8 March, has removed controversial elements which upheld exceptions for gender discrimination in three situations where equality was not mandated. These exceptions were education, religion and the public interest.   The law will be enacted in August.


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