Glyn T. Davies

1 Mar 2017
Thailand’s junta leader has called for the Thai people to be flexible about the country’s ‘roadmap to democracy’, suggesting that a postponement of elections would not be a big deal.     On 27 February 2017, Gen Prayut Chan-o-cha, the junta leader and Prime Minister, delivered a speech reaffirming the importance of the country’s ‘roadmap to democracy’.
14 Jun 2016
Following the worst mass shooting in American history, the LGBTI community of Bangkok joined many other cities around the world in showing love, support, and solidarity for the victims at a candlelight vigil.     People light candles in Bangkok at the candlelight vigil held for the mass shooting at Puls
23 May 2016
A pro-junta women’s group gathered in front of the US Embassy in Bangkok at 11:30 am on Monday, 23 May 2016, calling for the ouster of the US Ambassador to Thailand. The group of about 40 women calling themselves ‘Satri Si Siam’ (Siamese Ladies) submitted a letter addressed to US President Barack Obama, urging the US to remove Glyn T. Davies, the US Ambassador to Thailand, from his post. The letter was accepted by staff of the US Embassy.
16 May 2016
The Thai right-wing political elite has raged at the US Ambassador after he publicly shamed the Thai Foreign Minister last Thursday. The right wing has also used nationalist discourse to gain public support to oust the Ambassador, saying that the lèse majesté law makes Thailand more civilized than the US.      On Thursday, 12 May 2016, Glyn T.
13 May 2016
The Thai Foreign Minister has been shamed by the US Ambassador publicly confirming that a statement expressing Washington’s “concerns” on Thailand’s human rights situation is real after the Minister recently claimed that the statement was not issued by the US Department of State.    On Tuesday, 10 May 2016, AFP reported that a spokesperson of the US Department of the State “condemned” Thailand for the arrest on 6 May of an activist's mother.
9 Dec 2015
The Thai police have started a lèse majesté probe into a speech criticising the kingdom’s lèse majesté law made by Glyn T. Davies, the US Ambassador to Thailand.  
8 Dec 2015
It’s beginning to get on my wick. Because of the BMA’s farcical idea of what constitutes a ‘cycle lane’, I have a choice. I can pedal along the gutter, prey to the insouciant homicidal tendencies of the average Bangkok motorist.  Or I can mount the footpath, use the ‘cycle lane’, and become myself predator, a danger to poor pedestrians. My confidence in my own magnanimity (and total lack of confidence in that of Bangkok bus drivers), induces me to choose the footpath.  But I am not out of danger there. 
4 Dec 2015
An ultra-royalist has urged the police to investigate the US Ambassador to Thailand over his criticism of the lèse majesté law, saying the police should proceed if the criticism breaches the law.  
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